International cuisine

It is considered that consumer satisfaction standards are high and compete in the market. When analyzing another important aspect of the strategic business unit in study, service, find the following aspects that identify it. The reception of customers is considered important and differentiating factor, which is why since joining the parking has it guides a person, so friendly, both in the parking lot as their entry into the restaurant, showing support policy established by the restaurant.


The location of customers is done taking into account the intent of the meeting, apart from the purchase of food, since when is event special or business, is located on the upper level, which gives a look of privacy at the same, but if the intent of the meeting is familiar, informal way, the lower level is the one, it has more informal conditions, as the volume of music, barbecue grill observe the movement of staff and the noise of cars passing in front of the place, also look at the services catering industry. Efficient management of the elements for the professional service meals.


Number of people and consumer preference is taken into account. The order taking, offered as home care, is making the request in order arrival and systematically, using an established format, which also takes into account the special applications according to customer tastes. By measuring the time of delivery, the time of service, the average wait per order is 12 minutes, which adds value to the product efficiency.


Pricing Policy


Restaurant is a market pricing, which is competitive in the industry and involves the development of differentiation strategies in both the product and the service, which will allow for a margin of approximately 40% return on the initial investment. The price target is facing competition and makes involving perceived differences in the emotional aspects of being, become important intangibles, such as service, care, family and children, when instructed to do employees to provide good customer service with trained staff challenges facing customers with higher expectations every day, and in the familiar look and especially the children, become important when they have recreational facilities especially for them, which they use as the rest of the family departs around preparations tasteful.


The service time, as an added value that affects the price, it looks like strength, since it is only 12 minutes after ordering, and becomes more important for customers who are visiting or traveling. The wide range of prices, to dishes, a lot of preparation, dish in times of decreased appetite and mixed dishes in price makes the product compete level restaurant evenimente dorohoi broader preference of customers.

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